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Read Testimonials

Read Testimonials

“Hello, Casey, and Welcome Back to the Sacramento area!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding my wife, Nancy.  You taught her to shoot about 2 years ago and she had no experience shooting a gun at all. After your course, she successfully completed all the steps to earn her CCW license.  Recently, she needed to complete a short course to renew her CCW and we used another local trainer, not knowing that you were back in business.  There were about 25 people in the class, most with many years of firearm experience, including an ex-LEO or two.  When they headed out to the range she, using that little LC9, put all of her shots in the center of the target, outshooting most in the class!  Many were extremely surprised that this middle-aged lady (in her long skirt and blue hat) could shoot that well :-)

Thought you might enjoy the story.  Nancy credits your instruction, for the success she experienced. Your knowledge, experience and very small class-size seem to make a great formula for success of the student. We will definitely recommend your instruction to anyone, especially to any new shooter.

Thanks, again, for your help getting her on the right track.

Best regards,

Dave T.” Roseville Business Owner

“Casey, wanted to send you a big thank you for the time spent recently in my CCW renewal class. Not only was it informative to recap important aspects of CCW responsibility, but you helped me with my accuracy in shooting. Your approach is friendly and comfortable. I would highly recommend you to anyone with interest in firearm safety and protection, and I have.”
Rocklin Nursing Professonal

“Thanks for a terrific day last Sunday. I learned a great deal and feel much more comfortable in handling my SIG! I have enjoyed meeting both of you and look forward to attending future courses.” Medical Equipment Sales Professional

“(We) really enjoyed taking the safety class yesterday. We both feel a lot more comfortable and confident in our ability to handle a pistol. Both Leslie and yourself did a great job conveying the information contained in the NRA lesson plan and stressing the importance of safety. We had a great time shooting as well and I’m very happy (my wife) enjoyed herself and is such a good shot!” Construction Management Professional

“Just a quick note to say ’thanks’ for the class today, I really enjoyed myself and learned a bunch. You two
are GREAT instructors and very inspiring.” Sacramento-area Carpenter