Casey McPartland – Bio


Casey studied martial arts for many years and, from 1988-1994 instructed students as a black belt instructor and as Chief Instructor of Golden Dragon School of Karate in Newark, California. During his time at Golden Dragon, he participated in development and presentation of Women’s Self-Defense seminars stressing personal safety and situational awareness in the San Francisco bay area and Northern California.  His active interest and participation in martial arts instruction continues today through the Golden Dragon Ohana.

Casey has been exposed to firearms since his pre-teens and has received formal training from the United States Air Force, Threat Management Institute in San Francisco (through the late Peter Kasler), Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada, Rob Pincus’s I.C.E. Training (CFS/APH), Thunder Ranch Defensive Handgun Course with Clint & Heidi Smith, and Massad Ayoob’s MAG40 Concealed Carry Course, as well as the NRA. He is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and Instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Personal Protection disciplines and has trained individuals of all ages and backgrounds in the safe use of firearms. He holds the rank of 9th Degree black belt and the title of Grandmaster in Kajukenbo, an original mixed martial art (MMA), under Sr. Grandmaster Pete Morales, patriarch of the Golden Dragon Ohana. Casey is a Vietnam Era Veteran (USAF), Life Member of the NRA, Life Member of Gun Owners of America (GOA),  Life Member of the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) and Front Sight First Family member.


Casey McPartland

Casey McPartland

As the principal instructor at Focus On Defense, Casey has an extensive business-world background in presentation and training functions over the past 35 years. His experience ranges from classroom teaching in computer programming, to large group presentations of 50-250 attendees, to presentations for managers in boardrooms of major corporations. He was a professional information systems consultant and is formally trained in coaching and mentoring. He has managed business and project relationships with clients ranging from small companies to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, working with employees at every level.

Most recently, he is a California CCW Instructor presenting Concealed Carry Permit certification and renewal classes covering NRA Basic Pistol Handling, California Firearms Law, Concealed Carry Techniques & Marksmanship and Personal Protection. He resides with his wife, Leslie, also an NRA Certified Instructor, in the Sierra Foothills near Auburn, CA.